Tuesday, 15 September 2009

LOL ( >O_o)>

Well i forgot to check my timetable today and i've just come in to uni at 10am and well lol
i'm mean't to be in at 3!!!! LOL epic FAIL!


  1. Hi Sean - hmmm, timetable reading is a life-skill! :-) No harm done - just don't be late on friday or I'll get the wrong impression; having said that, way back when I was doing my GSCE's I alway fell foul of those bus timetable questions on the maths papers - guess that's why I'm an academic at an arts university! See below; go become a loyal follower of your classmates - see you soon.

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  3. ha, i did that, thought i had a free day and missed my computer induction, then had to come in the next day to do it, which WAS my free day! argh XD