Wednesday, 23 September 2009


well heres draft number 1:  

Right so ive got a general idea and quick fiddle with photoshop and come up with a draft for the painting i want to do.

I like the pose and i think it convays what im going for or more like hopefully (^-^" )

ha *nervous laugh* 

still dont like the way the chin looks but its only a quick draft.

Cant wait to see how the finished productcome out. 


  1. wow looks cool, ive jotted down a couple ideas in my lil book, but not started any drafts yet, will do that ermm probs tomorrow when i get my graphics tablet woo

  2. Okay - so it's nice and moody - a bit fashion, a bit pouty, a bit "I vant to drink your blood" - but what can it tell me about your inner life, I wonder? I'd be interested to read your thoughts....

  3. still working on the written stuff, finding it kinda hard but i got a few short passages from the next and its helping me get an insight to it, not used to studying so much after this long ass gap year lol

  4. Interim Review Unit 1: Anatomy 06/10/09

    Hi Sean,

    Not much movement here, I see; I understand you've been ill lately; everybody has received feedback today on their preparatory portraits and proposed essay questions; update your blog asap and I'll try and give your stuff the once over; more generally, you need to ensure you don't fall behind; your creative development is looking very thin and malnourished; check out the blogs of your classmates for a reality check; time is moving on and there's loads to do; please check your brief to ensure that you know exactly what it is you need to submit on Friday, Oct 23rd; the presentation crit starts at 9am on that friday morning, in Lecture Theatre 2,,,,